pure activation session

The Pure Activation Sessiona 2.5-hour therapeutic intensive to prime and align your mind for more happiness and health. 

What is Pure Activation? I’ve got my own definition.

Pure Activation is …

… processing fear and replacing it with love
… the opposite of stagnation and self-sabotage
… aligning all levels of your mind to support a desired change
… forward motion, with less fear, hesitation or procrastination
… helpful tools and strategies to live with more happiness and health

We all long to live in a state of Pure Activation — where we have healed the past, we are loving the present, and our future feels light and bright.

And we can get there. With a little, and in some cases a lot of, inner work and guidance.

This session is ideal for people feeling stuck in fear, anxiety, depression, and trauma and who want to dive deep quickly into the therapeutic process.

It’s also helpful for people who are facing a major life change or decision — like marriage, divorce, becoming a parent, preparing to give birth, changing careers, starting a business,  redefining identity, processing loss, or seeking purpose.

Over the course of 2.5 hours together we’ll begin to close the gap between your present life the life you want to live.

We’ll explore tools and processes to help you learn to cope with daily stress, frustrating thought-loops, and challenging emotions in compassionate ways.

We’ll examine how self-sabotage may be keeping you stuck and explore how to manage moments of depression, fear, and anxiety without external rewards or unhealthy distractions.

It’s not magic.
It’s just therapy.
And take it from someone who’s fought hard for freedom & peace —
therapy can make all the difference.

booking details

You can book your Pure Activation Session by emailing gemma@nullgemmastone.org. You’re also welcome to give me a call or shooting me a text {403-255-0898}.

payment details

Your payment of $625 CAD will be paid at the end of our session. You can make your payment using PayPal, etransfer, or any major credit card.

The cost of your session may be covered — in part, or in full — by your extended health care benefits. I will provide you with a receipt at the end of our session that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. 

my training and clinical credentials

I am a Registered Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists, I’ve also studied a very generous handful of different therapeutic modalities.

I’m also a yogi, mother, writer, teacher — a lifelong seeker of peace, truth, and profound personal growth. You can read my story right over here.