I love that you and I are sharing this moment in cyberspace. That’s all we have, isn’t it? Just a collection of moments.

Somehow — through fate, serendipity, or a mysterious tangle of blog posts and links — you have arrived here, on this page.

You’re ready to hear my story, just as someday — maybe quite soon — I’ll sit listening, legs crossed, heart open … ready to hear yours.

Here’s my story . . .

I am a registered psychologist, speaker, and author.

They say we teach the lessons we need to learn. That’s my life story, summed up in a sentence. I’ve suffered and searched for answers to relieve my suffering. In order to learn my lessons I dove head first into university, post-graduate training, and continuing education.

My formal training, degrees, certifications, and licences range from psychology, to life coaching, to hypnosis, to yoga instruction.

My hunger for knowledge and insatiable thirst for healing and growth has caused me to study positive psychology, humanistic psychologycoaching, psychoanalytic therapy, Shamanismcognitive behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, Ericksonsolution focused therapy, play therapy, reiki, hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, behavioral therapy, feminist psychologyquantum physics, neuropsychology, Rumiquantum psychology, spiritual psychology, art therapy, group therapy, chakra healing, GoetheEMDR, trauma informed therapy, root cause therapy, inner child healing, counseling psychology, pre and perinatal psychology, energy psychology, past life regression, yoga, clinical psychology, brief therapy, sex therapygrief therapy, cognitive therapy, and family constellations.

I’ve studied and seeked and saturated my mind with knowledge — because I’ve suffered. Deeply. And I wanted to find solutions. To heal myself — and others.

I won’t get into the nitty-gritty details, but suffice it say, I know what it means to let fear dictate your every decision.

I’ve felt the devastation of depression.
Sexual abuse darkened my childhood.
Disordered eating stole a portion of my adolescence.
Post traumatic stress disorder, addiction, panic attacks, thoughts of suicide and crippling debt stifled my early adulthood.

Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to know you are not alone … and that transformation — of the most miraculous kind — is absolutely possible.

About 15 years ago, I began to slowly and deliberately rewire my core beliefs. I started reframing — and eventually releasing — my fears.

I convinced myself that love was the answer, the foundation, and the goal — of everything, always, forever. I applied this concept to my life and mind, in practical ways. It transformed my world.

Today my life is anchored in love. In my psychology practice, I’ve helped thousands of people resolve their past trauma, fall in love with themselves, and step into the futures they’ve only dreamed about.

I’d love to join you on your journey, too — if you so choose.
Explore my 1-on-1 offerings, and let me know what calls out to you.

That’s my story — for now.
And should you decide to hang ‘round my virtual home, rest assured…

…every lesson I’ve learned, I’ve learned both for me — and for you.

Fun Facts

I love orchids, flowering tealuxury chocolate, and mala beads and I occasionally drop four-letter words.

I collect and create inspirational fridge magnets & I soak up books like dry skin soaks up lotion.

I birth my babies at home. My hands were the first they felt when they come into the world; my voice was the first thing they heard.

I’m an empath (or clairsentient), it used to really suck because it made me feel like I was broken. It doesn’t anymore. Now it drives me to feel deeply and love fiercely.

I stand in awe of people; with all the pain and passion and suffering and strength and loss and love we survive and thrive. It blows my mind {in a really good way}.

The brutality and the beauty in the world inspires me to do what I do.

My healing journey gets a fresh start every morning.

I left home at age 16 to live and travel through England, France, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Spain, and Belgium. I love white water paddling, hiking, camping, and one day I hope to be an adventure racer. I sailed a Tall Ship from Bermuda to South Carolina. I worked in Guyana doing AIDS research, developing a literacy program, and working on infrastructure projects. I bummed on the beaches of Trinidad and Tobago for three months while trying to figure out what to do with my life. I hiked the West Coast Trail, alone, with a stupidly overpacked backpack (50lbs!). My bucket list contains many more adventures. Like this, this, this, this, and this. Oh. And this.

I think showing up for ourselves and others in a way that deeply matters is the only way to successfully navigate through the adventure of life.

I like to live well and hard.

And that’s the rest of my story — for now.