self sabotage + fear of not being good enough

The unconscious mind is a powerful force that directs our thoughts, feelings, actions, and life. Rooted in the unconscious are beliefs that either support or sabotage us. I’m not good enough is one of the most damaging beliefs I’ve come across. The foundation of who we are and how we live is built on beliefs….

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Posted on Oct 24, 2017 | Posted In: thoughts & musings

your feelings matter

I remember the moment of my awakening. Maybe you’ve heard the story – 25th birthday, Godiva peanut butter cups, almond bubble bath, beeswax candles, tears, drugs – a night laced with many lessons, including this one. I finally stopped telling myself how I should be feeling and let myself feel what I was actually feeling. I…

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Posted on Apr 28, 2017 | Posted In: thoughts & musings

mindfulness, a way through depression and anxiety

Anxiety is a disorder of the future. Depression is a disorder of the past. Mindfulness brings you into the present {and, plenty of smart science tells us it’s a great treatment for depression and anxiety}. Mindfulness is the awareness that emerges from paying attention, on purpose and non-judgmentally, to things as they are {instead of…

8 ways to ways to manage anxiety

Millions of people suffer from anxiety and not nearly enough people get the help they need. I know. I was one of them. I can remember my first experience – ten years old, walking down a road, the world started to spin, and my heart jumped around in my chest. I thought it was normal {even…

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Posted on Jul 25, 2016 | Posted In: thoughts & musings

what to do with your inner child

Last weekend I had more than the average number of I wish I could redo that parenting moments. Whether it was one too many cups of matcha or not enough minutes of sleep, my patience went for a walk when I needed her most. But, even in the teary eyed I-just-want-us-all-to-get-along moments there was also…

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Posted on Jul 7, 2016 | Posted In: thoughts & musings
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