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Beloved client,

Here’s a collection of worksheets to support you as you continue to heal the past, love the present & light up the future.

Here if you need me.

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Core & Present Values

The main benefit of knowing and understanding your core values is to live your life is a way that has heart, truth and meaning.  You can use them as a reliable navigation system for your life – moving closer to the values that best serve you, and away from the ones that are not serving you so well.

The more clarity you have around your values, the faster you can identify why you are experiencing conflict and reconnect to a more peaceful state. When you know your core values, the task of designing your life the way you want it to be becomes a whole lot easier.

Core & Present Values Print Worksheet

Identifying & Challenging Distorted Thoughts

Fear, anxiety, and depression are often caused {or made worse by} cognitive distortions. Cognitive distortions are biased ways we think about ourselves and others and they often lead to negative emotional states and behaviors. Cognitive distortions are ingrained and automatic thoughts that have their roots in some conditioning from the past. Because they are so automatic, we often aren’t aware of them and consequently, don’t question them.

Challenging the distortions often leads to emotional and mental liberation from them.

Challenging Distorted Thinking Worksheet

Challenging Beliefs

Changing beliefs starts by challenging beliefs. Once you start to doubt what you believe, change starts to become possible.

A belief is simply a thought you have made real. It’s not real, it just feels real.

Even though they are not real, they still rule our lives. Fear, anxiety, depression and all the other psychological issues that keep us stuck are all perpetuated by limiting beliefs.

Challenging Beliefs Worksheet

Circle of Reality

Your reality is the result of the beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that rule your life. Whether they are based in love or fear changes everything. Moving from fear into love is the most liberation step we can take.

Circle Of Reality Worksheet

Dilute the Salt

Our brains are wired for fear & negativity. If you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed the negativity bias may be kicking in. It’s time to dilute the salt.

Dilute The Salt Worksheet

Mind Trickery

Once you’ve diluted the salt, it’s time to uncover the mind trickery. This is part two of overcoming the negativity bias.

Mind Trickery Worksheet