cognitive miracle experience

An intensive small group therapeutic retreat where we are laser focused on healing the past, loving the present & lighting up the future.

Gather with a small tribe of like-minded individuals at the spectacular Chateau Lake Louise, affectionately known as the crown jewel of the Banff National Park. It’s the perfect setting to let your greatest, fullest, truest life…begin.

what is a Cognitive Miracle?

We’re not talking about angels, trumpets, or double-sided rainbows.
We’re talking about phenomenal changes in perception.

lifelong beliefs teased apart & transformed.
limiting habits explored & resolved.
trauma—the unspeakable dark, the unimaginable pain—honored & released.

Imagine a gentle hand turning the volume on your internal fear-radio down, down, down…to silence. And a new sound—like peace, like possibility—comes flooding in, caressing the stillness & quiet. Can you hear it? It’s the frequency of Love. Crank it up as loud as you like. Let it fill your whole mind & body. Let it vibrate through every cell.

And now, with the frequency of Love driving your actions, your choices, your beliefs…

Now, without fear of rejection, or failure, or not being good enough ruling your life…

Now, with a Cognitive Miracle in motion, aligning & rewiring your mind for joy & success…

Now, who will you become? 

As we work through the Cognitive Miracle process together, that’s precisely what you’ll discover.

It’s intensive, but in a really manageable way.

It won’t be easy. There may be tears. It will feel like work {at times}. And like play. You will soften, become vulnerable, uncover your truths & make commitments to yourself—and keep them.

I’ll serve as your guide—taking you through a powerful progression of honoring and releasing the past, loving the present, and lighting up the future—with ideal life design and practical steps to carry you closer to being anchored in a life you love.

I can’t wait to make space for you to experience a true miracle ::

The miracle of your mind, rewiring for joy.
The miracle of your heart, opening to love.

session content

For $2500 CAN you will receive the entire Cognitive Miracle experience including, 

Healing the Past

  • Tools to honor & release the bits of the past that no longer serve you.
  • Techniques for dealing with sucky intense moments when you’re triggered.
  • Strategies for getting unstuck when fear & worry kick in.
  • Understanding the nature of self-sabotage & actionable strategies for disarming it.
  • Quieting the inner monsters that say mean things to you.
  • Establishing the foundation for life that you need, but maybe didn’t get.
  • Detoxing shame, blame, guilt & other harmful emotions. 

Loving the Present

  • Establishing negotiables & non-negotiables that will free up space for you to love what is.
  • How to stop paralysis & procrastination so you can do what you love.
  • Simple tips to rewire your brain to make loving the present easy & sustainable.
  • Processes to fall deeply in love with yourself so you can fall deeply in love with your life.
  • Developing self-care practices that genuinely work.
  • Tools for boosting self-confidence & self-esteem.
  • How to use the voices in your head in a way that will help you rather than hurt you. 

Lighting the Future

  • Gaining clarity about who you are & what you want.
  • Deepening trust in your ability to carry yourself forward into your bright future.
  • Dreaming, plotting & planning strategies to light the future.
  • Designing & creating an action plan that will keep you accountable.
  • Getting clear on what you really want & not what you think you should want.
  • Processes to neutralize doubt & move into calm.
  • Harnessing momentum with love, clarity & integrity.
  • How to course-correct if you get off track.

An abundance of delicious snacks, delightful gifts & all program materials are also included.

Your transportation to and from Chateau Lake Louise, accommodations & meals and not included. We have reserved a special rate for staying at the Chateau & we’re happy to help you find your way out there.

All, or a portion, of the cost may be covered by your extended health care benefits under ‘Psychological Services’.

program dates

The next Cognitive Miracle experience is scheduled for February 19-23, 2014.

We gather Wednesday February 19th in the evening to celebrate & connect. We say our goodbyes Sunday February 23rd in the early afternoon. 

registration details 

I limit the number of participants to six so that I can ensure everyone has a personalized experience and feels nurtured. Since space is so limited I suggest that you reserve your spot quickly. Now-ish would be great!

Your payment of $2500 will reserve your spot in the program. We can also arrange for four monthly payments of $625 if you register at least four months in advance.

You can register by emailing Once we receive your email, we will send you the registration packet including detailed program information, logistical information, and financial arrangements.


You might be wondering if this is for you. Here are a few hints:

Yes, if you are ::

  • interested in healing the past, loving the present & lighting up the future.
  • open to personal exploration & reflection.
  • looking for some new tools & perspectives.
  • willing to invest time, money & energy on yourself.

No, if you ::

  • struggle with an serious mental illness and require intensive one-on-one support.
  • think your life is awesome on all levels.
  • are not interested in investing time, money & energy on yourself.
  • want a quick fix {with the Cognitive Miracle experience, you get out what you put in}.

my training & clinical credentials

I am a Registered Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists and the Canadian Psychological Association. I’ve also studied a very, very generous handful of different therapeutic modalities. You can check them out right here.

I’m a yogi, a mother, a wife, a writer, a teacher—a lifelong seeker of peace, truth, and profound personal growth. You can read my story right over here.

Got a question, love?

Send over a note, and let’s talk transformation.