diamond tribe

Looking for practical guidance, world-shaking shifts in perception, soul-sparking wisdom, personal attention, masterful tools for transformation, and a place to grow and thrive?

Of course you are.

The Diamond Tribe is for people who are committed to creating true freedom, fully-realized potential, clarity, momentum and authentic transformation.

The Diamond Tribe is designed to help you achieve an extraordinary level of happiness, freedom, and fulfillment. It’s designed to guide you into your best life.

If you have a vision of how you want to be living your life and you’re not able to get there on your own, this is for you. 

What is it? 

The Diamond Tribe is where I pour my heart and soul into you for ten months. We adventure together from September until June.

The Diamond Tribe is a uniquely designed experience to help you reach your personal and professional goals. It’s designed to catapult you into your best life as quickly as possible in a deeply sustainable way.

My intention for the Diamond Tribe is to foster authentic freedom. The freedom to rewire ancient limiting beliefs, heal past emotional wounds, mend damaging thoughts, and firmly establish new habits.

Authentic freedom allows you to spark genuine transformation. It’s all about being empowered to live the way you want to live. It’s about real, meaningful, long-lasting change.

What Included? 

One Pure Activation Session to kick things off.

In this 2.5 hour session we dive into getting to know each other by exploring your history and what has led you to this point in your life. We tease out ancient limiting beliefs and we identify past emotional wounds. We make a plan for mending damaging thoughts, establishing new habits, and creating authentic change by creating a personalized roadmap for your Diamond Tribe experience.

Sixteen Groundwork Sessions strategically scattered throughout the year.

In these sessions we make sure the spark of genuine transformation is still burning. We address any issues that are coming up and leap over any hurdles. These sessions are all about anchoring in real, meaningful, long-lasting change.

One Great Life Redesign retreat experience.

A few months into your Diamond Tribe experience you will gather with like-minded individuals at the spectacular Banff Springs Hotel to engage in conscious life-design based on the psychology of change. This retreat is designed to deepen the changes that you will be making throughout your Diamond Tribe experience.

And just for fun, I’ll be mailing you surprise gifts throughout the session. I adore snail mail, unexpected gifts, and handwritten cards!

Investment :: $4500 or ten monthly payments of $450.

All or a portion of the cost may be covered by your extended health care benefits under “Psychological Services”. Please let me know if you have any questions about this.

How Can I Apply?

In order to make this program is a good fit for you, there’s an Diamond Tribe application to filled out {or we can have a conversation} to ensure it’s right for you.

Once we’ve determined that the Diamond Tribe is what you’re looking for a pre-session packet is mailed to you via snail mail. It’s a short series of assessment questions that I need you to work through to ensure you get the most from the Tribe. It helps me learn about you and will allow us to quickly determine your deepest challenges & struggles & your strongest priorities & intentions.

Are you ready? Download the Diamond Tribe application packet.

“Remember, your diamonds are inside you waiting to be mined, cut and polished.” ~Devon Harris

 On your side, always, and with love,



Questions? Here are a few answers.

Why do you call it Diamond Tribe?

There’s a few reasons. First of all, there’s a bunch of beautiful diamond metaphors that speak to the nature of the program. You can check them out here. Second, it’s personally meaningful. My birthstone is a diamond.

Why do you only allow 25 people to be part of the Diamond Tribe?

Robin Dunbar, an evolutionary psychologist, discovered that humans can only have deep, meaningful, stable relationships with 150 people. I have about 125 friends and family and so that leaves room for me to deeply connect with about 25 more people. Those people are my Diamond Tribe.

How can I join if all 25 spaces are taken?

You can’t. You’ll have to wait until the next session. I devote most of my heart and soul to the members of the Diamond Tribe and if I allow more than 25 into it I can’t give it my best. I’m totally committed to the happiness and success of my tribe so I’m strict on the cap. Go ahead and download the Diamond Tribe applicationlet us know you’re interested if there’s a spot open I’ll let you know.

Does the membership investment for being a Diamond Tribe member increase?

Once you’ve signed up, you have secured your rate for the entire year and it will not change. However, the rate may increase may increase for future sessions.

How much does it cost?

It’s $3000 or $600 per month for five months.

Is it covered by my extended health care benefits?

It might be. The best way to find out is to call the provider of your extended health care benefits and ask them if ‘Psychological Services’ or Counseling from a psychologist registered in Alberta (my fancy number is #3639) is covered by your plan. You might also want to ask how much they cover.

What’s included in it?

There’s a great description of everything that’s included in the program in the Diamond Tribe application. Check it out and then let me know if you have any more questions.

When can I apply?

Right now.

How can I apply?

Complete the Diamond Tribe application send it in, and you’re done!