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“Every time I speak, my intention is to foster authentic freedom. The freedom to rewire ancient limiting beliefs, heal past emotional wounds, mend damaging thoughts, and firmly establish new habits. Authentic freedom allows you to spark genuine transformation. It’s all about being empowered to live the way you want to live. It’s about real, meaningful, long-lasting change.”  ~ Gemma Stone
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ONE HOUR of  inspiration & answers

  • You pick the theme and we get down to business. These sessions are bursting with straight talking truth, unconditional love, and practical how-to’s.

HALF DAY of  insight & motivation

  • Three hours dedicated to razor sharp wisdom, strategic tools, inspirational insight, motivation, and implementation. Get your to-do list ready for actionable items and the inspiration to get them done.

FULL DAY of tools & strategies

  • It starts off with a bang by virtue of a powerful and inspirational keynote. Follow that up with a personalized workshop jam-packed with tools and strategies.

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