GLR guide deets

Dearest Wisdom Guide,

THANK YOU {again!} for agreeing to be a guide for the Great Life Redesign Retreat at the spectacular Banff Spring Hotel.

I’ve created this checklist with everything you need to know about being a Guide.

The core values of GLR are consciousness, community & courage. This event is all about supporting our people in designing soulful lives & creating meaningful connections.

You embody these values beautifully and I can’t wait to share you with our tribe.

 Total and Complete Great Life Redesign Retreat Checklist 



FIRST! Please add gemma@gemmastone to your safe list/ white list/ allowed-to-enter-my-inbox list. I’m going to be sending some emails about the retreat that you won’t want to miss.

Come join our online party {aka Great Life Redesign Facebook Group}, it’s full of really lovely people.


The Great Life Redesign retreat is completely non-profit, in fact, it usually costs me money to run it. I am totally and completely happy with the way it’s set up because for me this is about giving back and creating a conscious community that supports us all. For this reason, I am unable to pay you to be a guide and I will find every possible way to make this experience as valuable as possible for you.

You are welcome to attend the retreat for the alumni rate of $400.00 and there is also the cost of your transportation, meals, and your hotel room for the weekend to consider. The hotel has offered us a special rate of $199.00 per night.

 You will have access to unlimited tickets with a promotional code — your first name is your code {e.g. Gemma }. When participants use your code you will receive $50 and they will receive $50 off their ticket price. It’s my hope this will help cover the cost of your expenses for the weekend.


If you’re not already registered, please head over to the registration page right away. This helps me keep the numbers accurate and make sure there’s enough delicious food for you. When you register, enter the code Guide into the promotional code area and you’ll be able to register for $400.

Your people will use your first name as their registration code, when they use it, they will receive $50 off and once Eventbrite releases the funds {usually 2 weeks post-event} I will send you a cheque for $50 for every person who uses your code. I would suggest testing out your code first to make sure it works before sending it out to your people. We will be spreading the word to register starting on December 1st, 2014.


1. To attend the entire event from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon.

2. To help us join our communities by inviting your people to attend the retreat, I realize how much thought & care you put into what you share with your people, so please check out the info retreat page to make sure it feels good to your heart. If you’d prefer to attend as a participant for 2015 please let me know.

3. To hold space at your designated table by encourage conscious conversation and offering your wise guidance throughout the weekend.


1. I will share your name, business, and gifts will be shared with the entire group in multiple ways {on the blog, take-home info, introduction to the whole group}.

2. I see GLR as a precious opportunity for you to develop soulful connections with more people who need your help and to grow your business in an authentic and meaningful way.

3. I’d love to record us on Skype talking about living a Great Life, if you’re up for this I will share our interview with my 25,000 + peeps on my social media outlets. Please email me three 20 minute slots between January 5 – January 9 so we can make it happen.

4. You will have an opportunity to share who you are and what you do to the entire group when you introduce yourself during the opening of the retreat.

5. Friday afternoon, we’ll have an intimate get together with the guides and volunteers before the retreat starts. Think — yummy treats, long hugs and deep connection.

6. If you’d like to offer something to the retreat participants {promotion for your upcoming event, a discount off your services, a free intro, etc} please let me know and we’ll find a classy and creative way to make it happen.

7. Fun bonus! Saturday night we will have an open Great Life Celebration where friends and family are welcome to join in on a fantastically fun dance party.


Please send me your short bio and picture before January 1, 2015. I’ll pop it onto the retreat page and use it for the print materials.


Circle the dates! April 17 -19, 2014.

Guides will meet from 4:00pm – 5:00pm on April 17th to and connect, bond, and run through any questions before the part arrive.

Check out the participant schedule for the full run down of timing for the weekend.

These are approximate times — on ‘retreat time’ we often go up to fifteen minutes over time if a process requires.


Part of making GLR sustainable is bringing our communities together. Here are some pre-crafted social media posts to make sharing easier and you are welcome to use any of my blog content to share on your blog. We’re going to start spreading the word on January 10, 2015.  You are welcome to repurpose any of my blog posts to use for your blog or newsletter too.


This year, I’m going to design a life I love with @Gemma_Stone at the #GreatLifeRedesign

This may change everything :: #GreatLifeRedesign with @Gemma_Stone

Planning your life leads to loving your life. I’m planning with @Gemma_Stone at the #GreatLifeRedesign

Facebook Friendly

Making the right change in the right way can be simple. I’m going to be making changes at the Great Life Redesign Retreat.

We all arrive on this planet with possibility, potential and with a desire to live a great life. I’m designing my Great Life.

Great lives don’t just need to be designed; they need to be radically awakened. I’m signing up for a weekend of redesigning & awakening at the Great Life Redesign retreat.

I’m ready to live in the world with vision, momentum, and a strategy for how to live my Great Life.

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Head over to the Total & Complete Checklist {participant version} for all the info on booking your room, travel arrangements, what to bring, and party information.

That’s all. For now.

See you in the mountains!

xo & ox,