great life celebration!

I want to live in a world where life is celebrated, community is supported, and love is spread far and wide.

A world where everyone has access to flowing, fresh water. Because, water changes everything.



If you want to live in this world too, then I have just the thing for you.

At the Great Life Celebration we gather, to celebrate each other, and life. All profits are donated directly to charity: water.

In 2013 year we raised enough money for 100 Kenyans to have clean water and in 2014 we raised enough for 100 more — that’s a lot of lives!

Our Great Life Celebration is hosted at the exquisite Banff Springs Hotel in the Cascade Ballroom on Saturday April 18, 2015.

Banff Springs


The celebration starts at 8:00pm. There will be a fun photo booth, an awesome DJ, delightful people, and a few treats. Our festivities come to a close at midnight and we return to life filled with love.

Ready to go? Here’s your action plan. 


Head on over to charity: water and make a donation. Anywhere from $1 to $1000. Or, if you’re my generous benefactor, you can always give more. We’re working on the honour system. I trust you.


Once you’ve made your donation, head over here to register for the party! Please make sure you register — we have to make sure we don’t go over capacity. If your name is on the guest list, you’re in!


The Great Life Celebration is hosted at the Banff Springs Hotel and we are dancing the night away in the Cascade Ballroom. The party starts and 8:00pm and runs until midnight.  If you’d like to stay at the hotel, we have an awesome Great Life rate of $209 {normally $450}. Give the hotel a call and book your room right away – the castle is almost full!

Want to know the Great Life Celebration story?

Once upon a time…

I lived in a small village in rural Guyana where the entire community gathered their drinking and washing water from a hole in the ground. This community was generous to host myself and a group of do-gooding youth, but our presence depleted their water – that hole in the ground would not fill up as quickly as we drank its supply. I lived on 1/4 of a bucket of dirty water for three months. My cells remember what I drank. My heart aches for those who can’t escape what I left behind. My soul demands change.

charity water


99% of this party is about celebrating you and raising money for charity: water. The last 1% is about my birthday; this is my birthday party. My birthday wish is to live in a world where life is celebrated, community is supported, and love is spread far and wide.

I am inviting you to come and celebrate with me and make a donation to charity: water.

Life deserves to be celebrated. And, everyone deserves to live a Great Life.

Deep thanks for helping me celebrate my life and for making life easier for an entire community across the world.