wholehearted referrals

Here’s a peek at the people I love, delivered to you with my whole heart – from health to business, these are my people.

Psychologists / Therapists / Counsellors

Shannon is my shrink. Enough said.

Katie works people who struggle with depression, anxiety, and self-sabotage. Katie is also an intuitive healer and helps people get to the root of issues that can sometimes be hard to see using traditional psychology strategies.

Kelly works with older adolescents and adults, families, couples with mood disorders, including OCD, trauma, grief, loss, relationships, and parenting. Kelly also works with organizations around culture, facilitation, leadership development.

Andie works with trauma and attachment trauma issues {chronic stress, sexualized trauma, childhood trauma/abuse survivors, LGBT, car accidents, medical procedures}. She works from a body-focussed perspective called Somatic Experiencing.

Toni is a psychologist in Okotoks, Alberta. She believe strongly in a strength based, client-centered and holistic approach to overall wellness. Toni focused on empowering you with useful tools and information to address concerns and initiate desired change.

Barbara works with adults using body centered therapy (IBP) to support them in their growth, and in meeting their potential. She helps clients learn and use IBP tools to understand and change habits and patterns that might be getting in the way of living their true essence; help them develop a more satisfying life Babara also works with children and adolescents; providing both therapy and psychoeducational assessments.

Sacha is a soul-friend. I’ve known him since we were 15. He was a healer then, he’s a healer now. He offers therapy in Vancouver and online. Being accessible is a high priority in his work, so if money is an issue, ask him about his sliding scale rate.

Acupuncture / Traditional Chinese Medicine

Ashley‘s mission is to help women feel whole, unleash their creative potential and create a life of love and profound legacy. She has also experienced first hand how revealing your Inner Alchemy and embodying the 5 elements can heal and consolidate the parts of you that feel fragmented back to wholeness to create the life of your dreams. Ashley has helped hundreds of women finally love their lives and bodies through her practice terrasana.ca.

Tanya unites western medicine and eastern medicine to treat your body as a whole and works with a range of issues from anxiety and depression to musculoskeletal pain and digestive issues.

Womentum is a strong, inclusive community of women who see and celebrate each others beauty, greatness and gifts. Check out their workshops, intimate dinners, and group meetings.

Dr.Lindsay is the only chiropractor I’ve ever let adjust my boys. They love her and I do too.

Restorative / Functional Medicine

Lynne wanted to explore total health beyond the absence of disease, and combine the best of traditional medicine with research based alternative practices. This is exactly what she does.


Annika works with socially shy people who have brilliant minds and kind hearts  and who want to be seen (and valued) as their true selves. She’ll help you untangle your fear of being seen, and find the right kind of visibility for you (because visibility is not a one-size-fits-all kinda thing) so you can attract what, or who you want.

Andrew helps me dance on the edge while we explore my way of being in the world. He guides me to shine light on what needs to be seen and to develop the muscles that support a new way of being.

Christina helps busy, overwhelmed, stressed out women go from running on empty to renewable energy through the practice of Courageous Self-Care. It’s self-care that goes beyond bubble baths, chocolate and wine. She created this fun quiz to help you find out your self-care style.


Curt at Oasis Spa gives an out-of-this-world massage. He’s a rockin’ DJ too.

Renee Simons is a body-worker extraordinaire.

Magic {people who can’t be categorized}

Robin is a shaman, mentor, and social change agent who writes young adult fiction my soul savours.

Hiro is deeply intuitive and delivers insight with rhythm and beauty. She’s all about joy, creative power, wholeness, and prosperity.

I turn to The Tarot Lady when I’m curious about the cards. Her hilarity and depth always make for a great reading.

Heidi is an astrologer and so much more. She delivers your astrological details wrapped in a silk ribbon of love, wisdom, and inspiration. A session with her is eye-opening, heart-warming, and soul-sparking.

Sara plays with energy in the most delightful way.

Briana is magic embodied.

Real Estate
Lana and Steven’s business is based on connection, education and empowered choice. Most of their business is comprised of repeat business and referrals. They strive to ensure that their clients have an incredible experience.
Laura is whip smart, experienced, incredibly thoughtful, and devoted to her clients.

Kahane Law has the most remarkable law firm culture I’ve ever encountered. Their customer service is other worldly and their walls are lined with Pez dispensers. Plus! Bowls of chocolate are everywhere. Their leader is whip smart and profoundly kind – two qualities I appreciate in lawyers.


When Kelli went on maternity leave,  I tried my best to track her down. I love her that much. I couldn’t find her, so I waited for her return. I’m so glad I did. Her skills are second to none and I adore the conversations we have while she tames my mane. You can contact her at Influence.


Light Cellar is where I stock my pantry. Their selection of superfoods makes my cells sing. Their classes are a good time too! Be sure to grab and elixir while you shop, my fav is Tumeric Tune up.


One Love Float is one of my favourite ways to treat myself. Floating works with our bodies on the physical level, in partnership with the magic of several hundred pounds of Epsom salts, to detox, relieve stress, increase relaxation and overall energy.


Stefan Makwana captures me. I’ve done a handful of shoots with him and love every single one of the hundreds of photos he’s taken.


Brenda McSween is available to help your little one be a great sleeper and offers general parenting support too.

Wellness Centres

The Samadhi Tree, Urban Roots, Grassroots Naturopathic Medicine, and Prema Health all have lovely cultures and fantastic practitioners.

Website Design

Paul Jarvis is awesome. Awesome, awesome, awesome. He’s a WordPress master, musician, and foodie who comes up with brilliant thoughts like, “veganism is an expression of love” while coding knock-your-socks-off-websites.

Book Design

Shauna, from We Are Branch, laid out the beautiful design for my book. She is pure elegance with a generous dash of brilliance.

Writing / Editing

Cheri edited my first book and I hope she says yes to editing every other book that lives in me.

Dave‘s writing is elegant, intelligent and real. Dave is where I turn to when I want to fall in love with the writing process {again}.

Alexandra is simply marvelous. She is a copywriter who listens deeply, hears the whisper of your soul (and your business), and finds the words to describe the indescribable.

Dominique is my lickety split, super efficient, extra talented blog editor. She honors my voice and catches all the typos and atrocious grammar. I couldn’t survive without her. Well, maybe I could, but I wouldn’t want to.


Laurel has done my books for years. She’s my kinda people and has great ideas about keeping numbers straight.


Doug has been my accountant since the very first day I incorporated. My year end is always a good time with him on my side.


Tad Hargrave calls himself a hippy with a knack for marketing. I’d say it’s more than a knack. His knowledge runs deep, and his integrity runs even deeper. He’s helped me make my projects profitable and socially responsible. Respect.