weekend intensive

There are puh-lenty of workshops around.

Some are rah-rah, some are bursting with star-power gurus, others are swarming with great networking opportunities. Most are inspiring—if you bring the right mindset.

But, some workshops are a tad different.

More intimate.

Flowing with deep meaningful connections and wholehearted exploration.

Weekend Intensives are one of those rare gems—a chance to rest, reflect, uncover ideas, find answers, tap into knowing, and create a meaningful change.

Within each of us is the ability to live a life we love.  Sometimes we get off course and end up with a life that feels draining and not quite right.

During our 2 ½ days together, we will dive into a particular topic for the weekend – overcome self-sabotage, developing worthiness, building resilience, self-love, life design, meditation and mindfulness, overcoming anxiety, or healing trauma.

You will push past limits while honoring your boundaries in a safe, positive, loving environment.

You’ll dig deep, figure out what matters, uncover what’s holding you back, and return to your life with clarity and confidence.

Put your name on the interest list to be notified when the next weekend intensive is offered. 

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what’s included?

For $1000.00 CAN {non-refundable but fully transferable} you will receive,

Time. A full 2 ½ days of inspiration and deep internal reconfiguring.

Community. You’ll spend the weekend with a collection of wise, supportive, loving, like-minded people.

Celebration. We kick off our time together with some heart-opening work early Friday evening. With the stunning Rocky Mountains beneath your feet and crystalline skies above your head, we’ll cap the evening off with a calm celebration, late night stargazing and fun treats.

Nourishment. Healthy snacks and beverages will be provided throughout your experience. If you have allergies, are gluten-free, or have specific dietary requirements let us know and we’ll take good care of you.

Truth. The most powerful experiences happen in an atmosphere of openness to truth and willingness to change. I’m not going to tell you what to do, how to live your life, or give you unsolicited advice. The weekend intensive is all about you digging deep into what matters to you.

Nurturing. Throughout the experience, I’ll encourage you to drink extra water, engage in self-nurturing activities, sip delicious tea, record your reflections, and ask questions. You may wish to schedule some extra time before and after the intensive to support your mind, body, and spirit and integrate the experience.

Confidentiality. By registering for this intensive, you are agreeing to keep everyone’s stories confidential. You do not have to share anything with the group {unless you want to}.

Momentum. You’ll come away from this retreat feeling rested, fired up, inspired, recharged, and ready to live a life you love. You will leave with meaningful connections to like-minded people, a deeper connection to your soul, and a strategy to live a life you love.

what’s not included?

Meals are not included. You’ll get to indulge in one of the many fine restaurants scattered throughout the hotel.

Transportation to the retreat is not included.

Accommodations are not included. But, we do have a special group rate so you can stay at a world class, five star hotel for an awesome price. I’ll send you the reservation code as soon as you register for the intensive.

is it for me?

Yes, if you

  1. want to live a life you love
  2. want to change something about your life
  3. are open to exploring and reflecting
  4. are ready to discover your own truths
  5. are interested in how the psychology of change can make your life better
  6. want to belong to a community of supportive, loving, like-minded people

No, if you

  1. do not wish to meet others who are experiencing something similar
  2. if you are looking for a private therapy experience
  3. feel that there is nothing you’d like to change in your life
  4. are not interested in investing time, money, and energy in yourself
  5. want an expert to tell you what you “should” be doing

how do i register?

As soon as you know this is for you, register by clicking the button below. The Great Life Redesign alumni and my clients tend to jump on spots ahead of time, so this retreat fills up fast.

If you need a multiple payment option, please let me know; I’m happy to be accommodating.

In my opinion, any life lived without a clear understanding of what deeply matters is a waste of time. And we don’t have time to waste.

It’s gonna be sublime.

And if it doesn’t work out this time, we’ll have other adventures together. I promise. But if this is speaking to you right now, I’m looking forward to supporting you and the life you love.

See you in the mountains!