kind words

Before we work together, you may want to know a little about what other people think of me.

I wish I could share with you all the sweet things my clients have said about our work together. But, I can’t. Confidentiality is king.

Here’s a few snippets from people who are not clients, but who know me professionally. Think of them as miniature letters of reference.

Have you ever been to an event and met an amazing presenter and thought to yourself, damn if I had found this person 10 years ago, I could have worked with her 1-on-1?  It would have been reasonably priced AND I would already be rockin’ my life right now!
Of course, now the star presenter only does big events with thousands of people.  And you would literally have to pay like $200,000 to be their ‘personal’ client.
I’m talking about people like Byron Katie or Tony Robbins, people that can consistently deliver deep and powerful transformations to their clients.  It seems almost magical how they weave together all of their insight and wisdom and deliver it in a way that touches their client’s deepest essence, their soul.
I can tell you with certainty, Gemma Stone taps into that same magic.  She is able to ask exactly the right question to open you up and find the elusive root cause of what has been tripping you up.  And she does it with a level of love and deep connectedness that I have never seen before.  If you believe in miracles and you’re ready for one in your life, get to one of her events, soon.  
And if you want to work 1-on-1 with Gemma, do it now because if Byron Katie and Tony Robbins are any clue, she will not be working 1-on-1 for very long. 
Much love,

From transforming fear to love and pain to peace, Gemma is not only an impassioned therapist but an inspired alchemist. She lovingly holds the space for hope and your healing. Her own story provided real-life ‘plot points’ that were pivotal as she learned first-hand to not only transcend but to triumph over some of life’s darkest moments and craziest curve balls. If you are like me and believe that there is no better person qualified to show you the way out, through or around, than someone who has ‘been there and done that’, then Gemma Stone is your guiding light. ~Kari Dunlop

Gemma is eternally compassionate and understanding. Her humanity and kindness always come first. Her warmth is what you feel when you speak with her, time and time again. And, all the while, behind her loving kindness is an entire universe that’s at work: a level of profundity, depth, quick-and-honest intuition, incredible intelligence and unwavering assurance that is intricately maneuvering a billion-piece puzzle of psychology and emotion, spirituality and intricacies of language. Even though my puzzle keeps changing as I change and grow and evolve, I trust Gemma to not only see me but to help me sort my pieces, every single time. ~ Dave Ursillo

When I think of Gemma, I get visions of a medieval Goddess. Powerful, peaceful, loving, full of truth. During the middle ages, a Goddess was the divine mother – bringing fruitfulness to the land and peace and prosperity to it’s people.  Gemma has a heart that is always open to giving as well as receiving.  Her calm and reflective nature instantly soothes everyone in her presence, showering them with the confidence that “everything will be okay”. Those who choose to work with her on their life journey will be forever blessed. ~Jackie Dumaine

Gemma, is a person who upon your first meeting, you will feel peaceful, calm and respected. She is a trusted friend and confidante.  A person I can turn to at any given moment for truth, love and authenticity. Being in her presence is an absolute delight and blessing, her energy and way of being is truly heaven sent. ~ Lee Horbachewsk

I have known Gemma for many years and I know I can count on her to be there for me when ever I need her.  Her smile in person or even in an email brightens my day and my world.  Gemma is the real deal, so genuine and compassionate, knowing when to listen and knowing and saying what I need to hear when I need to hear something.  I feel very fortunate to have such a “Brilliant Soul” as a friend. ~Jeanne Lefevre

Choosing to work with Gemma Stone is making a commitment to move through one’s situation in the most exquisite way. Gemma combines her professional psychologist training with her heart-centered way of communicating as Spirit in a way that forever changes and equips a person to handle life’s challenges. You will be heard, understood, captured and captivated by the simple yet profound counseling that Gemma offers.~ Farhana Dhalla

You are a natural-born storyteller who inspires compassion, with every breath. Your fresh, accelerated approach to healing is going to shake up the psychology industry — and I think that’s a verrrrry good thing. Anyone who has a chance to bask in your presence — for an hour, a day, or a 4-day retreat — is damn lucky. ~Alexandra Franzen

Gemma is truly a beautiful being inside and out, which manifests in her  professionalism, commitment and passion for everything she effectuates.  When I observe Gemma and the life she has created I see someone who is fulfilling their dharma or life path.  She is an exceptional role model both personally and professionally and I am truly honoured to not only be her colleague but her friend. Shannon Cartwright

Gemma is the real deal. Her presentation is polished. Her marketing is good. But that’s not what counts in a therapist. It’s in the dozens of small moments in interactions I’ve seen her in. Her capacity to listen. The way she doesn’t ‘pull rank’ on people. Her genuine openness and caring for people. The way she helps even bristly people feel at ease. Her graciousness. It’s hard to put my finger on it-which is a good thing. I think that’s how you know someone’s genuine -you can’t find any one particular thing – you just feel it. When I arrived at Gemma’s office I saw her bookshelf – evidence of someone who not only went to a few courses but who has spent a lifetime passionately pursuing different tools and perspectives on how to support people in making changes in their life. And I was struck by the beauty of it and the care put into it. What a gift to have someone care about their space that much. Evidence of her care for herself but also her care of her clients. Maybe that’s a part of it – I get this wonderful sense of how much Gemma loves, honours and respects herself. And that inspires me. How could one lead people to a place they’d not been yet. What lucky clients she has. ~ Tad Hargrave

When I first spoke to Gemma, there was an instant connection. She deeply listens to everything I said and weighed each decision the way you’d hold a newborn: firmly and gently. She deferred to my expertise, stood up and spoke her mind when she had to, and made me feel like the most amazing Rock Star Designer of Awesomeness each and every time we spoke. Gemma bolstered my opinion of my own work by allowing me to do what I do best: strategize, empathize, and… dance(erize)! Through our work together, she solidified my Design Game Plan and helped me to define the perfect person to work with. And that perfect person is Gem. Or someone exactly like her. ~Amanda Farough

Gemma is not only thoughtful and capable in her approach to her work but also in her capacity to look at her own life and make new choices. She is a true inspiration and continually surprises me with the depth of her knowledge and caring. Knowing her is a true joy. ~Gail Larsen

Gemma, thank you all-ways for the exquisite words & thoughts of wisdom that you so generously share with all of us. I love your conscious, healing, and often so very timely remarks that keep me so much more aware of my past learning, and current consciousness. You are indeed a beautiful soul that helps me live my life in a constant state of infinite love & gratitude. May you all-ways be blessed with everything that you desire. BE well. ~ Neil C. Goldstone

 My experience with Gemma was one of receptive warmth.  She held quiet, calm space for me while I had the opportunity to work with her at a Transformational Speaking work(love!)shop.  Then, straight from an open heart, she shared the love she saw in me right back like an illuminating mirror.  This kind of love allowed me to see and feel it within myself so I could hold it and move forward with it. ~ Lissa Markwardt

I’m used to helping clients. Every once in awhile, a clients helps me back. Such is the case with Gemma Stone. After helping her with a system for handling email more effectively, I subscribed to her blog and have been blessed by her loving content ever since. Whether it’s her video posts or her ’emails from love’, Gemma has a way of communicating helpful truths that is beautiful through and through. Follow her. Be blessed, too. ~Todd Lohenry

I recently had the honor of spending four days with Gemma at a workshop on transformational speaking.  Not only did she possess a natural talent for transformational speaking, but she also showed up as someone who has a gift of being able to listen deeply to others and to hold a special place of love for them.  I am truly appreciative of this young woman, and I am in great anticipation to see the wonderful things she is going to accomplish in the world of therapy.   She has so much to offer. ~ Linda Ford

Thank you. For all the smiles and laughs you bring. For all the concepts and ideas that percolate from reading your posts. For the little things that help move me forward. For the gentle nudge in making my dreams a little more real. For all the wonder that is you, thank you for sharing so much of yourself in this world. ~ J.B. King

When I first met Gemma it was immediately apparent that she has a natural ability to connect with her clients and quickly develop a sense of trust, rapport and respect with each and every one of them. Gemma demonstrates initiative in learning new information and strategies to address the needs of her clients. ~ Tracey Whiteside

I had the pleasure of participating with Gemma in an intensive workshop on Transformational Speaking. So I’m not quite sure where to begin when it comes to singing her praises–there are so many things to say. First of all, she is beautiful. On the outside, yes, but that doesn’t compare to her inner beauty. She is full of love, compassion, empathy, and is unbelievably smart. She has an ability to take very complex ideas and make them instantly understandable. And she gets it. She’s been through her own challenges and has come out the other side ready to share herself with others lucky enough to cross paths with her. ~Tanya Cole Lesnick

Gemma is a genuinely kind, compassionate, warm person. She is friendly, pleasant, quite, and thoughtful and certainly capable of making insightful contributions. She is mature, dedicated and willing to push herself to mastery of new skills and knowledge. Her strength of insight and sensitivity makes her a truly effective counselor. ~ Fiona Nelson

Gemma strikes me as being one of the more talented, organized, responsible women I’ve dealt with. Gemma possesses considerable more maturity and awareness than most people her age. She has a strong will and considerable character, I have no qualms about her personal integrity or honestly. She is leader, not a follower. As an all around person, she has few equals.Grant Giles

Gemma has a natural curiosity for learning, enthusiasm, creativity and a calm gentle approach. Her clients experience her as a safe person which whom they can trust and share their experiences.  ~Jodi Clark

What makes Gemma exceptional is her positive attitude and infectious enthusiasm. ~Bruce Hall

Gemma is one of the most dynamic and personable people that I have been fortunate to be associated with. ~Bartley Stevenson

One of Gemma’s character traits is her willingness to appreciate and understand people. She understands the significance of being a contributing member to society. ~ Joan Legrandeur

Gemma works endlessly to perfect her skills. She is constantly supportive, self-motivated, and never gets ‘down’. ~Terry Quick