refund policy and a new kinda guarantee

All my products are a non-refundable investment in your happy, healthy, successful life experience. Keep reading to explore my thoughts on this…

This is a little different from other online products you may buy or workshops you may attend. I know. I’ve been there; I’ve done that.

I completely understand the psychology behind having a money-back guarantee. It helps reduce buying resistance. I get it. Here’s why I decided not to follow the crowd.

make it real.

Money is real, no matter how you give it. The reality of buying online is that cold hard cash doesn’t leave your hands. All the transaction requires is a few clicks. “Click-click psychology” makes it easier to spend money and feel like it’s not real.

The money-back guarantee intensifies this. Your mind can justify that you can “always get it back.” Often people who want their money back won’t actually try to get it back because life gets in the way. This can lead to regret or, worse, resentment. I don’t want you to feel either of those. I’d prefer that you feel like my products are worth your time and money. For real. I want you to feel like it’s a well thought out investment and that you are worth that investment – because you most certainly are.

I want you to purchase my products from a genuine desire to explore and implement the information. I want you to buy it because you know it will help you. Not because of some psychological illusion.

it’s valuable.

My heart and mind know that is the products I create are valuable. I’ve done everything I can to make sure that every learning style is presented in my programs; they are jam packed full of audios, videos, and fancy .pdf workbooks. Because I’ve done everything I can to make my stuff valuable, I know that it truly is.

you’re a wise consumer.

Pre-purchase request: please get to know me. I don’t want you to give me your hard-earned money without checking me out first. It won’t take long for you to discover that I am all about providing the most possible value, giving excellent service, and being real. I think you’ll get a lot more out of the product you buy if you feel a sense of connection with me. Or at least some curiosity about me and my methods.

give it all you’ve got.

Post-purchase request: spend your time, and give it all you’ve got. Once you’ve decided to add my product to your life, make the most of it. I infused my programs with audios, visuals, written processes, and up-to-date content. My intention in creating these programs was to give you many different ways to learn, grow, and discover. I milked my brain for every ounce of wisdom and experience so that each program could be everything you need it to be and everything I want it to be. My intention in creating this stuff is important. But not as important as what you put into it. Test it out, try the processes, play with it. Be real, open, and vulnerable. Then, play with it some more. Take a break, and go right back to it.

clear the junk.

Here’s what I think about your life. You know how to live it in a way that brings you more happiness, health, and success. You might just need a bit of help remembering. That’s what I’m here for, and that’s what I created these programs and products. My stuff is all about giving you the tools and processes to help you rediscover your own true nature. If you want it, get it. Follow your heart. Listen to your intuition. They will guide you in the right direction.

Do this and you will create your own guarantee. You’ll learn what you most need to know.

Love and Respect,