Adventures in {self}Love

Life demands a lot.

You live your best life when you love yourself. {unsurprisingly!}

Self-love is the transformational power of knowing and adoring yourself.

Here’s what I think:

When on the path to creating and living a great life, the best place to start is with self-love.

Adventures in {self}Love is an e-retreat.

You dive into this wee-guidebook and adventure through the process of knowing and loving all of who you are. Right now {not the new and improved version who you want to be}.

Download Adventures in {self}Love Typeable Version

Here’s how it works:

Carve out some time for yourself. {I know you’re busy, so this process doesn’t require heaps of time – just a little – and you’re worth it.} When my editor was reviewing this wee-book she said:

I just finished my first read of your guidebook, and it’s fantastic! My head is swimming with all of those prompts, and it’ll be best for me to go back over it again tomorrow after I sit with your ideas overnight. It’s amazing that you fit so much material (and great quotes, btw) into so few pages.” 

I’m guessing you’ve already tried a bunch of stuff, so this isn’t a ‘let’s focus on your breathing and think positive thoughts’ kind of program.

This also isn’t about adopting the ‘just push through it’ little-engine-that-could mentality.

This wee guidebook is packed with my favorite questions for deepening self-loving awareness and my favorite self-love strategies.

The questions and strategies in the Adventure in {self}Love guidebook are those that seem to work the best based on thousands of hours of research and work with my clients.

Download Adventures in {self}Love Typeable Version

Using these questions and strategies, you will deepen self-awareness and strengthen the skills that will help to shift you into greater self-love.

This isn’t just sweet syrupy positive thinking disguised as self-love. This is a deep dive into your psyche so you can emerge carrying authentic self-love.

Here’s what I learned on the journey to greater self-love. Self-love contributes to a strong sense of self-worth, a clear understanding and appreciation of who you are, and a commitment to specific actions that keep you replenished and resilient.

I know that you are worthy of a great life. I know that you can emerge from whatever darkness you’re in and shine bright. I know that you can love yourself right now – yes, you can love all of you, not just the super nice, easy-to-love bits. I know that self-love is the start, and I want you to know it too.

This is my gift to you. I hope it’s helpful.

Download Adventures in {self}Love Typeable Version