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7 books that could deepen how you create

Summertime is my time to create. I see fewer clients, travel less, and reduce my speaking gigs. I spend more time communing with nature and connecting with my soul-family. This summer, my creative spirit has been devoted to writing a book. Today, I’m writing to you from a place my heart will always call home….

10 books that could deepen how you live

The allure of curling up under a tree with a good book is especially compelling during the summertime. Enter… a roundup of ten books that could deepen how you live. This is part two of a five part post on books that have changed how I live, heal, create and love. Life is a Verb: 37 Days…

is online therapy helpful?

Online therapy is growing in popularity. It’s massively convenient to be able to hang out in the comfort of your own home while exploring your psyche and cultivating strategies for healing the past, loving the present, and lighting up the future. The question is :: does it work? Studies like this, this, this, this, this, this,…

changing subconscious habits

Subconscious habits can be extraordinarily annoying. And extraordinarily helpful. Acting without thinking can be frustrating (hey, where did that piece of cake go!?) Acting without thinking can also be ultra effective. Thank goodness we don’t have to consciously think about the 10,000 things we do everyday. How exhausting would that be? Just in case you have a…

how do i discover my real purpose?

How exactly does one discover their real purpose in life?  I’m not talking about your job or goals, I’m talking about the very reason you came here. I’ve run across a few people that don’t believe that they have a purpose. I know what that feels like, I used to be one of those people….