the book


The Art and Science of Designing a Life You Love is the book I’ve wanted to write for ten years.

Now is the time.

It’s taken me ten years to write this book because I didn’t want the book to be all about my story – that would be boring. I also didn’t want it to be all about the psychology of soulful change – that would be too academic. Now is the perfect time to write this book because I am in a place where I can share theory, weave it with philosophy, top it with process and scatter it with my story and the stories of other Life Designers.

Now that’s the book I wanted to write.

I’m using Indiegogo to support the creation of this book for a few reasons.

I want to know you. I desire for this book to create a greater connection between us and I think Indiegogo can help make that happen

I’m impatient. I’ve been waiting to write this book for ten years. Now that I’m writing it I want to get it to you … yesterday. It can take a few years to get a book published through a traditional publisher. I want to share what I know about designing a life you love as soon as possible so self-publishing is the way to go.


Life has given us each have a precious responsibility. To live as fully, freely and deeply as we can. To move from survive to thrive, from fear to love, from false to true. To follow our hearts and listen to the whispers of our souls. 
You are worthy of living a life you love. I hope this book helps you do just that. 

Love & gratitude,