ultra loving cancellation policy

I became an entrepreneur because I wanted to live with freedom and purpose. I wanted my business and my life to be about the things that were most important to me-endless compassion, uncompromising commitment, unconditional love, impeccable service, wild adventure, genuine freedom, and the search for truth.

When someone is interested in working with me I am honored. However, I don’t always say ‘yes’.  I believe in listening to that little voice in my head. And sometimes the voice whispers sweet sentiments that tell me,

  • you might be better served by someone else.  I know loads of awesomely gifted people and I would refer you with loving kindness.
  • the financial commitment might put you in dire financial straits and I wouldn’t feel good about that.
  • the timing isn’t quit right.

But, if we’re a good match in everyway and we get you booked in for a session, I’m all in! I block out your date and time and I shoo everyone else away.

I make all the preparations needed to serve you to the best of my ability. I get my team ready. I start reflecting and meditating on you and your life and how we can create some real, meaningful, long-lasting change. I hold you in my heart while moving through my life and you’re on my mind for hours before we officially start.

I invest in you. My time, energy, and effort all starts going into you from the moment you book your session. You are investing in yourself by working with me and I take that very seriously!

For all these reasons, I do not offer refunds for cancellations. And delightfully, cancellations are a rare occurrence. In fact, you could say they’re an endangered species.

If something comes up in life, then we can reschedule your appointment. Give me at least two days notice and we will find something else that works.

Here’s my take on time. Our time is extraordinarily valuable. It’s sacred. It deserves respect. Which is what my ultra-loving cancellation policy is all about.

Respect and Love,