work with Gemma

So, you’re ready to work together? So am I!

Dive into this differential to see what speaks to your heart.

You are a new client, you live in Alberta, you want to work together one-on-one, but you’re not looking for long-term support. The Pure Activation Session is for you!

You live in Alberta and you are looking for on-going support to heal past emotional wounds & step into a more truthful & fulfilling version of your life. The Diamond Tribe is where it’s at.

You are a previous client and you need to check in, vent, process a few things, and get a little support. It’s all about Groundwork, baby.

You are looking to escape for a weekend and redesign your life, the way you want it to be. You’re looking for community & strategy. It’s time for a Great Life Redesign.

You want to work one-on-one with me, but you do not live in Alberta. The Vacation Transformation was created just for you.

You are ready for an intensive small group experience where we are laser focused on healing the past, loving the present, and lighting up the future. The Cognitive Miracle experience is calling you.