Questions are a beautiful thing. An important part of my work is finding the questions that lead people into their truth.

The quality of the questions we ask direct the lives we live.

Questions that are based in fear build a story that can imprison us, but questions that are based in love give us the freedom to truly live.

Fear-based questions typically perpetuate suffering.

How can I find security?
How can I avoid rejection?
How can I get people to like me?
How can I make it through the day?
How can I do what is expected of me?
How can I get my partner to meet my needs?

The more we seek to find the answers to questions that are based in fear, the less secure we will feel.

Questions that are based in love bring liberation.

Ask these questions once and they will redirect your day. Ask these questions everyday and they will redirect your life.

How can I let my true-self lead?
Are there any rules I want to break?
Are there any labels I want to shed?
What is my body communicating to me?
Are my thoughts helping me or hurting me?
Really, truly, is this what I want to be doing?
What are the questions I should be asking myself?
What am I sacrificing that I do not want to sacrifice?
What deeply matters to me? And, how can I do more of it?
What impact do I want to have on my loved ones and the world?

To redesign your life, question your questions.

Are your questions empowering you to grow more fully into your true self, or are they keeping you stuck and causing you to suffer?

Are your questions based in love or fear?

Are you asking what your soul wants you to ask, or are you recycling questions from your parents, partners, teachers, or coaches?

Do the answers to your questions cause you to open up with expansion or to close down with contraction?

The questions we ask ourselves define the lives we live.

What life do you want to live? And, what questions will allow you to live it?