Fear controls much of our lives an defence mechanisms are by-products of fear.

  1. We need approval
  2. We seek validation
  3. We sacrifice our true self
  4. We ignore our souls’ calling
  5. We give our power to another
  6. We rationalize our fearful choices
  7. We get worked up over trivial issues
  8. We flee from personal responsibility
  9. We numb out with our drug of choice
  10. We defer to a perceived authority figure
  11. We get hard, we go cold, we shut out love
  12. We avoid, deny, repress, numb, blame and project
  13. We distract ourselves with television, work or busyness

These defence mechanisms push us deeper into unconscious living and suffering.

As long as we choose this path, we continue to feel lost.

No defence can protect us from the rawness of living. No wall can keep out the pain. In fact, the defences and walls cause the rawness and pain to linger.

The truth is, when we release the defences and break down the walls, the rawness and pain can pass through more freely and make way for relief and freedom.

Standing up to fear and shedding defence mechanisms is the most critical choice you can make on the path to healing, wholeness and a more fulfilling life.

It requires courage. 
And, you can do it.