While tending to her garden a woman notices a small cocoon wriggling on a branch.

Mesmerized, the she sits down to watch the metamorphosis of the butterfly breaking free.

Time passes…she grows impatient. ┬áThe process seems painfully difficult. Wanting to help the butterfly with it’s struggle she gently tears a small opening in the bottom of the cocoon.

Ever so carefully, the tiny butterfly slips out of the protective sheath, prancing along the branch below. The woman smiles, pleased that she could help.

Over and over the beautiful butterfly desperately tries to expand her wings but each time nothing happens.

It is the struggle out of the cocoon that gives the butterfly the ability to unfold it’s wings and fly.

It is the whole point of the struggle…

This simple message can bring peace during moments of struggle :: it is in the struggle that we find the strength to be free.