Have You Ever Heard of a “Peak Experience?”

It’s not that different from what it sounds like. Epiphanies, lightning rod ideas, moments of intense clarity—these are peak experiences that have the power to change our trajectories and sometimes our entire lives.

It goes without saying that peak experiences are very, very good things. We want them in our lives.

But in Abraham Maslow’s famous hierarchy of needs, self-actualization—the drive to fulfill one’s potential—comes at the top of the pyramid. And unfortunately, not everyone reaches the top of the pyramid.

But that’s where we want you to live.

Stone Psychology Helps You Scale The Mountain

Our approach to therapy is based on supporting our clients to become the best versions of themselves, living lives that are filled with peak experiences.

To get there, we believe you need to:

Heal your past. This is like learning to safely navigate the mountain. Together, we safely navigate your past, make sense of It, and bring healing to it.

Love your present. When you love the present, you have the freedom to enjoy your own unique life journey. Together we develop practices – like mindfulness, healthy boundaries, loving yourself and others – to allow you to more freely enjoy what’s here right now.

Light your future. Only when you’ve experienced healing and freedom will you truly have a clear vision for where you’re going—and appreciate the mountaintop vista when you get there. We believe in highly fulfilling lives, full of the wonder, awe, peace and creativity that peak experiences bring us. Getting there takes work, but it’s work worth doing. Together, we work to amp up your excitement for life, your clarity about the life you love, and the motivation and optimism to get there.

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