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The rules of love and fear can be found in a tangle of a hundred billion cells and amongst complicated electrical currents and signals. Love emanates from the brain, but its reach extends further.

Love and fear influence all human thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

The world is full of people who struggle with living from love rather than fear. I was one of them and have worked with many more. Our happiness depends upon resolving the struggle between love and fear as quickly as possible. 

Whether we live in a state of love or a state of fear changes everything—even the way our brains are structured. Love and fear make us who we are and create who we become.

Just like how children who do not understand the principles of gravity fall while climbing and get hurt, people who do not understand the principles of love waste their lives feeling miserable.

The consequence of this is devastating, and deep emotional suffering results in the form of abandoned dreams, chronic unhappiness, neglected passion, and a culture that is grounded in fear.

Love is the force that can heal all things.

The journey from fear into love is the journey of discovering your own heart and your own true nature.

 True love,