Brain scan technologies show us that perception and imagination activate the exact same areas of the brain. This means that the brain cannot reliably distinguish between reality and fantasy.

Ponder this: Three women look at an attractive man.

  • One sees an honorable man that would make a great husband.
  • One sees a wounded soul that needs to be healed.
  • One sees a playboy who cannot be trusted.

We all see the world based on our emotional history. Most of us look at the world and accept the stories that our minds tell us about the way life is. We know what we see, and we rarely question it.

But what if we questioned our minds’ stories?

Give it a try.

What stories has your mind been telling you? What questions need to be asked in order to untangle your subjective reality from what is really real?

No two people live in the same emotional world. Teasing apart what is an elaborate dream world created by personal emotional history from what is reality requires conscious effort. And it’s worth it.

xo & ox,