Fear serves a purpose in our lives. It’s designed to keep us safe, but too often it keeps us stuck instead.

I like to call life-saving fear clean fear {quick, jump out of the way, there’s a bus coming}.

And I like to call self-sabotaging fear messy fear {you might fail, so don’t even try}.

The impact of messy fear on the body is detrimental ::

Increased blood pressure & heart rate, sweat showing up in places you’d rather it didn’t, dry mouth, brain fog, trembling hands, wavering voice, butterflies in your tummy

The impact of messy fear on the mind sucks too ::

Poor decision making, decreased ability to handle stress, faulty perceptions, self-sabotage, anger, overwhelm, impatience & snappiness

All of this leads to stagnation in life… and in business.

Business has been on my mind these days because I’m presenting at an all-day Business Breakthrough Workshop for business owners and individuals in private practice– a business training event hosted by business coach extraordinaire Oliver Baezner.

I’ve been doing a deep dive into messy fear in business, and here’s what I’ve come up with.

There are four main messy fears that we stumble upon in business ::

  1. Fear of the unknown {I’ve never done this before}
  2. Fear of failure {what if I lose money?}
  3. Fear of success {my friends & family might exclude me/depend on me too much}
  4. Fear of rejection {what if I do something stupid and am judged and criticized?}

These are big fears, and they have a big impact.

Fear is contagious; it’s palpable. Your emotional state impacts the people who want to work with you & buy from you. If you’re feeling hesitant, scared, uncertain, insecure, or filled with self-doubt – you give off that vibe to those around you. They feel it. They know something is up, and they move on.

Fear in business is going to happen. It’s part of the gig. But it’s worth it to move through it as quickly as possible. I’ve come with some strategies to share at the Business Breakthrough Workshop.

Join us.

Oliver’s offered me 30 tickets at a uber-generous discount. Head over here to register and enter the name GEMMA in the discount field to get $250 off the ticket price. If you’d like more information, check this out.

See you there!