Life is good.

And it’s not because my student loans were paid off by an angel investor {’cause they weren’t} or because I’m going on the adventure I’ve always dreamed of {’cause I’m not} or because challenging relationships are now peaceful {’cause they aren’t}.

It’s because I upped my gratitude practice. That’s all that’s changed. And it’s changed everything.

I’ve been practicing gratitude my whole life — my mama gave me the gratitude lesson at a young age. I’m a big fan of gratitude — I even did a video about how to overcome fear using gratitude.

Over the last two weeks, I’ve changed my gratitude practice.

I was recently inspired by this post by Danielle Laporte {you’re following her, right?}. She’s a game-changer.

My gratitude practice was once a private affair and now it’s public.

FB GratitudeFB Personal Gratitude

Twitter Gratitude

There’s lots of yucky stuff that happens in life. It can be a rough ride.

Sharing the good and feeling grateful can be tricky at times. But, trust me, your heart will appreciate your effort, and your spirit will thank you.

With gratitude cranked up life can be beautiful — even when it’s hard.