We all have conscious and unconscious stories that are directing our lives.

The dominant story is to go to school, get a job, find love, buy a house, have kids — we’re all conscious of that basic life plan that our culture tries to siphon us into.

The unconscious stories are less obvious, and they are different for each of us. Here are a few that I commonly see in the people I work with ::

  • It’s not safe to be my true self because I might be rejected. 
  • I don’t deserve to have {love, success, abundance, attention, respect}.
  • I’m not {good, beautiful, smart, pretty, thin, strong} enough.
  • I must sacrifice what matters to me to make others happy and to be approved of. 
  • In order to be successful I must be {more educated, younger, older, smarter}.
  • I’ll be happy when {my kids listen to me, I get divorced, my boss respects me, I get the promotion, I lose the weight}.

The stories you carry at the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious levels of your mind are based on your history.

As children, we inherit our stories from our mothers and fathers, our teachers and coaches, and any other influential role models in our young lives.

As adults, our minds are filled with dead ideas and lifeless beliefs that do not belong to us. They are burdensome, yet still we cling to them. We walk through our lives living out the stories that were written by others.

By becoming conscious of the beliefs that were instilled in us long ago, we can learn to rewrite the story for ourselves today.

Write a new story.

You deserve it.

xo & ox,