We all have cognitive maps {beliefs, values, defenses, issues, preferences, patterns, thoughts} that originate from our parents, teachers, coaches, religious/spiritual leaders, culture, and history {take your pick}.

Do this. Value that. Like these things. Think like this. Avoid him. Pursue her. Eat this. Wear that. Feel this. Say that.

Sometimes our maps serve us well. Often they do not.

In the beginning, our lives are supported by the maps of others – it’s how we navigate the strange new world around us and survive.

At some point a little further into the journey, it’s necessary to craft our own maps, to draft our own paths to follow.

When a part of your soul wakes up to the truth that your map does not accurately represent the territory, then redesigning a more modern, more authentic map becomes a requirement.

I became conscious of this process recently, and it totally shattered my world. But in the shards of my life, a new map – more accurate, more meaningful – emerged.

The discomfort of this calling can be extreme.

The confusion of redefining your existence can be profound.

The uncertainty of what’s truthful can be paralyzing.

The ache to return to the comfortable & familiar is an enticing pull, but following it will only prolong suffering.

As painful as it is, bursting into your new world complete with new maps is the most soulfully satisfying action that can be taken.

Here’s how to forge your updated map ::

  1. Pay attention to your intuition & listen to it.
  2. Notice your instincts & follow them.
  3. Reflect & dive into the meaning of your wildest dreams.
  4. Let your soul take the lead.
  5. Follow what pulls you rather than pushing yourself into the “right” choice.
  6. Be open to redefining everything you thought you knew.

The truth is, as you begin to develop your maps based on what your soul wants – not your culture, your family, or your ego – you step more fully into your best life.

Your soul knows how to live a life of meaning, authenticity, & fulfillment.

Trust it.