I’m returning from a ¬†difficult, but necessary, month-long digital sabbatical.

2012 was a rough ride for many people, myself included. The last quarter took my breath away in a painful sort of way.

It challenged me in ways I could never have predicted.

I’m not yet able to share all of what I experienced and all of what I learned because I haven’t adequately processed it.

Here’s what I do know.

Most of the significant problems we face in this life are complex. No meaningful choice is without costs.

Often patience is required. Sometimes humility is the best approach. Wholehearted communication is a necessity.

Life involves suffering, and our deep questions may never be sufficiently answered.

When faced with uncertainty & the unknown, try this question on for size ::

What will open me up to a living a bigger, fuller, and more authentic life that is grounded in love?

Usually the answer reveals itself immediately.

Then, fear sets in because we doubt whether we can handle what may be asked of us.

Whatever your answer is, do that. You can handle it.