Last week was epic; one of the best weeks of my life.

It’s a perfect time to kick off ‘gems’ — things I think are just great {birthday edition}!

HandreadingEvery year for my birthday I treat myself to a fun experiential present. This year I had my palm read by Lori. She peered into my heart through my hands. Dots were connected, purpose was affirmed, lessons were illuminated. It was a remarkable experience.

VoluspaI  indulged in Voluspa luxury candles while reading my favorite book of poetry. The creamy coconut wax blends are a delight to the senses and Em Claire’s words pierce my soul.



JackieA day with Jackie Dumaine, creator of the Yoga Code, is always inspiring. She has a retreat and workshop coming up. Check them out if you are ready for a dose of yogic wisdom. We dreamed and designed as we sipped on Phil & Sebastian.



PrincessMy ‘Princess’ birthday cake was out of this world! Elegance and deliciousness from my favorite bakery — rich butter cake layers, brushed with Framboise and raspberry jam, filled with whipped cream and topped with raspberry marzipan and fresh flowers.
kale chips My mama bought me the Excalibur dehydrator and it’s been running non-stop since I got it. I’ve made five different batches of nutritious & delicious kale chips. I promised some of my social media peeps I’d share my recipes, so here they are. I buy specialty oil & vinegar from Blue Door {my favorite pairing was dark chocolate balsamic and chipotle olive oil}. I massaged the oil and vinegar into the kale and sprinkled it with hand-harvested sea salt from Salish Sea Salt {sweet smokey maple is my favorite}. I popped in my dehydrator for about six hours and tried not to snack on them while I waited, which was extraordinarily hard to do.

FlowersAnd, I was delighted with the biggest bouquet of flowers that I have ever seen. It was taller than my son and to heavy for me to lift.



I hope you enjoyed my first edition of ‘gems’ — I’d love to hear what you think! Leave a note on my Facebook page to let me know and to share your favorite things with me.

xo & ox,