When we are stressed, our conscious control becomes tired, and our stale patterns are more likely to be reactivated.

Knowing these unhealthy patterns and recognizing them when they show up is critical.

Are you the nice guy/girl who is cooperative and compliant?
Are you the ambitious achiever who, as soon as one goal is attained, quickly moves on to another because you still feel empty?
Are you hiding in a safe and secure world that is small, and you feel like there’s something missing?
When you feel powerless, do you scramble to regain control by obsessing over your environment or trying to control others?

I’m not knocking these strategies. At some point in our lives, they served a real purpose.

Now it’s time to choose whether or not you will continue to sacrifice yourself to these reflexive responses.

Typically these responses are born from trauma in the past – a little child who felt defenseless and unable to cope. They are powerful patterns we developed to help us survive.

The truth is history was what it had to be.

You can look at the trail of the past pattern as evidence of where you’ve been, but it does not need to influence where you go.

Ask yourself ::

How did I come to be who I think I am? 


Who do I want to be?

In order to create new patterns and find freedom in the present, it’s important to acknowledge the purpose of the past pattern. Go within and ask what purpose your pattern served.

How can you now fulfill this purpose in a way that is in alignment with who you want to be and the life you want to live?

To liberation & love,