Mindfulness is a powerful practice.

It makes everyday life richer and more meaningful.

There are times when ordinary life loses its satisfaction.

These moments can signal that now is the time to experience a deep, soulful shift in consciousness.

Try asking, how can I find the sacredness in ______________ {throwing out the garbage, tossing the salad, running the bath water, waking, working, sleeping}?

Here’s my answer.

 Day after day.

Wake up, brush your teeth, make your tea, pack the lunches, go to work, do your work, come home, make dinner, bath time, story time, bed time.

This is life.

It’s up to me to make it sacred.

Day after day.

Wake up, taking a deep breath and filling your lungs with the freshness of the morning.

Brush your teeth, delighting in the tingle seeping into you gums.

Make your tea, marveling at the delicate concoction of the herbs and spices combined masterfully to make your favorite blend. Let your taste buds marinate in the sweet, spicy liquid trickling down your throat.

Pack the lunches, sending a silent prayer of gratitude to the workers who picked the peanuts so that your kids can nourish their bodies with gifts from the earth.

Go to work, feeling blessed with each step that brings you closer to doing work that matters.

Do your work, knowing that no matter what you are doing there is an opportunity for both presence and passion to grow.

Come home with excitement to spend time with the people you love, exclaiming upon your arrival I am so happy to see you!

Make dinner, marveling at the dynamic, complex systems that brought that quinoa or those vine-ripened tomatoes to your table.

Bath time, listen to the giggles and splashes of your little ones returning to the element in which they first grew.

Story time, notice the familiar baby smell in their golden strands, fading and lingering as their heads rest on your shoulders.

Bed time, relax your mind and calm your body as your head nestles in the nook of your partner’s strong arm, reflecting on the sacredness of the day.

This is life.

Day after day.

 It’s up to each of us to make it sacred.