Online therapy is growing in popularity.

It’s massively convenient to be able to hang out in the comfort of your own home while exploring your psyche and cultivating strategies for healing the past, loving the present, and lighting up the future.

The question is :: does it work?

Studies like this, this, this, this, this, this, and this have been exploring the effectiveness of online therapy.

This research has inspired me to offer web-based therapy sessions and to offer online group therapy programs.

This is a tricky endeavour to be sure since there’s nothing that can replace the feeling of being face-to-face with a human and feeling loved and supported.

Because this isn’t easy, I’ve been diving into my heart and mind to figure out how to make online therapy as effective, ethical, loving as possible.

I know that trying something new can feel a little daunting, so if you’re interested in giving online therapy a try, I’m offering all online therapy at a reduced rate from September 2012-December 2012. Send me a note and I’ll send you the details.

My professional regulating body says I’m only allowed to work with people that are living in Alberta. Apologies to all non-Albertans- I’m working on something special for you. xo