In my work with clients, I’ve noticed that our past wounds are often reopened in our intimate relationships.

Intimate relationships are the most challenging – and potentially the most rewarding – task of living.

We often enter into intimate relationships from a place of fear or lack.

Protect me.
Nurture me.
Complete me.
Meet my needs.
Heal my wounds.
Make my life work.
Give me what I need.
Love me the right way. 

Rumi says, “sometimes I forget completely what companionship is. Unconscious and insane, I spill sad energy everywhere.”

If we are not careful, our burdensome expectations can overwhelm our most important relationships with baggage they are not meant to carry.

We all have a desire for wholeness and fulfillment that can never be satisfied by another. This is the nature of life and is not due to come deficit in the person who cannot fill this need.

If we leave a relationship from a wounded place, from a place of lack and fear, then we will recreate that which we tried to escape.

To love another in a pure way means to accept them unconditionally. It means,

I will not judge you.
I will not attack you
I will not blame you.
I will speak my truth with love. 
I will take responsibility for my experience.

While you are working on loving others purely, please remember, you can’t give what you don’t have.

The pure love experience starts with you giving it to yourself.