A diamond is a metaphor for a certain way of being in the world.

A diamond attracts light, and it has a high dispersion of light. You attract light, and you spread it into your world.

The level of clarity that a diamond has affects its ability to transmit and scatter light. The more transparent it is, the more it can emit light and shine.

A diamond is a whole and complete stone and has many sides. Being whole and complete means accepting all sides of yourself. Many-sided wholeness.

As you begin to move forward in life, the wisdom of the diamond will allow you to take hold of experiences in your life, examine them closely, turn them around slowly in the light, and see the beauty that exists within them.

Your soul becomes the brilliance and clarity of a multifaceted diamond. Your life experiences become the light, allowing the radiance and beauty of the diamond to be seen.

The diamond has an essence that light will not change. But, the light itself can illuminate the beauty of the diamond.

Allow the light of life to shine through you.