When we do what the soul does not want us to do, we suffer. We try to escape the symptoms, but in truth, all that’s needed is genuine acceptance that we cannot escape the truth of our souls.

Although I work with people who suffer from psychopathology, I resist that word.

The definition is so … clinical.

I’ve chosen to align with the meaning of psychopathology rather than the definition of it. Psychopathology means “expressing the suffering of a soul”.

I see symptoms – depression, anxiety, self-sabotage – as the soul refusing the thoughts, choices & priorities that betray what it most wants.

Soul is the literal translation of the Greek word psyche {our essence}. It’s what gives our lives meaning beyond our physical bodies.

When we live our lives from the truth of our psyches, we experience peace, fulfillment & energy.

When we don’t tend to our psyches, we experience turmoil, emptiness & lethargy.

When we feed our souls, we are satisfied. We feel whole & complete.

When we deplete our souls, we feel hungry, forever grasping for more, desperately miserable. We awful-ize life and we try to fill the gaping hole with anything we can find – Ben & Jerry’s, Grey Goose, BDSM, Prada, Prozac. We are tempted & seduced by anything that may fill us, yet we continue to starve.

The symptoms are an {often painful} sign that it is time to recognize where we took a wrong turn and to get back on our true path.

In my own life, I now see that my suffering was the prerequisite for my consciousness. It was necessary so that I could come home to my Self.

The journey towards soulful truth is a noble & faithful calling.

What does your soul long for and how you can you sate it?