The journey from fear into love requires that we set and respect boundaries, both for ourselves and for others.

It means that we gain clarity on what is a sacred yes and what is an honoring no.

It means we dive into the depths of what has heart and meaning.

It means we shed light on what fear is trying to protect us from.

Any time you encounter a situation where you want to move from fear into love, try playing with these questions:

What deeply matters to me?
What are my boundaries?
What are my signs of a sacred yes?
What are my signs of a fearful yes?
What are my signs of an honoring no?
What are my signs of a fearful no?

Before I started the journey from fear into love, I was a really sweet and nice person – but only to others, not myself.

I did pretty much everything that was asked of me. I wore many masks in order to hide the parts of myself I wasn’t pleased with.

Since I’ve been allowing love to lead instead of fear, I am more boundaried but am also kinder, more genuine, and more real – to myself as well as to others.

I say no more often – to random invitations through Facebook, to collaborations that don’t feel like a sacred yes, to speaking invitations that don’t align with what deeply matters to me.

I say yes when it works for my heart, my family, and my purpose. If those values aren’t honored, then it’s gotta be a no.

Although it’s still really uncomfortable for me to say no, what’s more uncomfortable is to live in fear, resentment, and pressure because I’ve said yes when what my soul said was no.

To learn to say no instead of yes isn’t always easy.

The journey from fear into love isn’t always easy.

But, it is always worth it.