Stone Psychology Offers the Experience and Credentials to Change Your Life

Some may say our approach is eclectic. We know it to be effective.

We’ve seen firsthand how combining psychology and coaching—western science and eastern philosophy—help our clients make real, transforming life changes.

We’ve worked with thousands of people, from artists and doctors to real estate tycoons and stay-at-home parents.

In this diverse constellation of humanity, there’s been one common thread: the desire to make personal change and create a better life.

Stone Psychology’s clients have

transformed sticky patterns like self-sabotage, procrastination, people pleasing and numbing out,

ended destructive habits like overeating, smoking and drinking,

learned to move through symptoms of anxiety and depression,

managed seasons of massive change, like switching careers, moving and starting businesses,

achieved professional excellence by rerouting their psychological approaches,

and much, much more. 

We can help you overcome, too.

Read through this list. Do any of these sound like you?

I’m struggling with my mental health—depression, anxiety or addiction—doing things I know are bad for me.

I’m navigating a change that I didn’t ask for, and it’s not going well.

I have a vision for my life, but I don’t know how to get from here to there.

I know I have it in me to become a high performer in my field, if I only had the right tools.

I’m drowning in the monotony of my life; is it even possible to find fulfillment?

I’m not sure what I want from life, but I know it’s not this.

At Stone Psychology, we can help you heal the past. We can help you find freedom to live in the present. We can help you gain momentum as you dream up the future. We’ll turn old stories of doubt into new stories of purpose. Together, let’s create a soulful strategy that brings meaningful, lasting change.

How Do We Work Together?

Stone Psychology works with clients in three structured ways.

Groundwork sessions are one hour long. During these sessions we:

  • hit pause on your responsibilities, public persona and checklist of goals, and simply take stock of where you are, and how you feel;
  • address where you feel stuck, and identify the fears or anxieties that are vying for your attention;
  • pull back the veil to gently unravel the roots of your personal suffering.

These sessions lay the Groundwork for genuine, permanent, powerful change.

Activation sessions are two and a half hours long. First-time clients often start here, allowing us to go deep, quickly. Activation is ideal for those who are:

  • feeling stuck in fear, anxiety, depression, and trauma and want to dive deep into the therapeutic process, quickly.
  • facing a major life change or decision: marriage, divorce, becoming a parent, preparing to give birth, changing careers, starting a business, redefining identity, processing loss or seeking purpose.

We explore tools and processes to help you cope with daily stress, frustrating thought-loops and challenging emotions. We examine how self-sabotage may be keeping you stuck and explore how to manage moments of depression, fear and anxiety without external rewards or unhealthy distractions.

Transformation Intensives are something else entirely. This unique approach to therapy involves a three-day personalized retreat in a stunning setting. During this time, we create a personalized program to help you heal the past, love the present and light up your future. A Transformation experience involves:

  • A one-hour planning call to align our schedules and clarify our intentions.
  • One full day focused on healing the past.
  • One full day focused on loving the present.
  • One full day focused on lighting up your great future.
  • Thoughtfully placed breaks that are designed to maximize the transformation, and allow you time to enjoy your experience.
  • An atmosphere where no subject is off-limits. It takes courage to break your heart open, and we approach this with love, compassion and tenderness.

After three immersive days, you’ll be equipped with practical steps and crystalclear clarity on how to move forward with freedom from your past, a commitment to the present and excitement for the future.

In the year following your Transformation retreat, you’ll have light support to keep you on track.

Note: All three forms of therapy can be facilitated in person, on the phone or through video call

Session Details

What Are Your Rates?

Stone Psychology standard hourly rates are $250 CAD. This varies for Transformation Intensives, so please reach out for specific rate information if you have questions.

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