If you’ve read my story, then you know I have had a history of mental health struggles.

Here’s what I do to keep myself healthy so that I can avoid the trap of slipping back into the darkness:

Presence. Over and over again I remind myself that Now is not Then. And the future hasn’t even happened. Meditation helps too. A lot.

Movement. When I get together with friends, I always suggest we go for a walk. When I’m with my boys, we play, wrestle, garden, and dance. Movement matters.

Greens. A few years ago, I traded my morning coffee for green juice. A few weeks ago, I slipped back into my old coffee habit and was instantly more anxious and irritable. It took me three miserable days to figure out what was going on. Now I know better and stick to my greens. Also kale chips. Yum!

Therapy. I have a team of people that help me keep my mind healthy. My team includes a psychologist, coach, and intuitive healer.

Relationships. Good quality relationships (with myself and others) are what give me a solid foundation from which to build my life. I have made peace with the people-pleasing part of me that wants everyone to like me, and I now purposefully choose the people I spend time with. Thankfully, I have many awesome, fiercecompassionate, wise, & great people in my life that help me stay sane.

Sleep. Yes, even with my little guys. Granted, I am still up with them three or four times per night, but I make sure I head to bed early so that I can catch enough zzzzzzzz’s.

Next week, I’ll share the other six strategies with you. What I know for sure, is that change is most effective with consistent small steps in the right direction.

Give some of these a try, take some consistent small steps. See what happens.

Hearts & greens,