self esteem

Having a realistic appraisal of your skills and abilities.

Knowing that you are worthy of a good life and deserving of respect.

self love

Ability to love and accept yourself even when you have made a mistake, have problems or are less than perfect.

See your shortcomings and love and accept yourself as you are. Beleive in yourself enough to know that you can learn and grow.

ten tips for building the good stuff 

  1. Spend time each day comforting and nurturing yourself.
  2. Remember outward status does not equal self-worth. You are worthy and deserving of love and acceptance no matter what you have achieved or accomplished.
  3. Be authentic: allow yourself to be real. When you can be real you are demonstrating to yourself that who you are is good enough. You don’t need to pretend to be something (or someone) you are not.
  4. Admit your true feelings. Don’t fight or deny what you’re really feeling. Allow yourself to connect with what you’re really feeling, offer the emotions love and acceptance, then move through them.
  5. Make it part of your daily routine to say something loving to yourself and others.
  6. Write out ten “I am________________” statements and repeat them to yourself daily (e.g. I am worthy, I am capable, I am kind). Remember to make sure they are positive!
  7. When you make a mistake or feel less than perfect repeat this statement. Even thought I (insert mistake), I still completely love and accept myself.
  8. As much as possible, stay away from gossip, drama, judgement, and negativity.
  9. Release the past, focus on the present, anticipate great things in the future.
  10. Before bed journal ten things you are proud of about yourself.

Bonus! Commit to one small change that will bring you more happiness, health, or success. Once you’ve achieved that, move onto the next small change.

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Here to you, lovin’ yourself!