I’ve decided to become a blogger.  I’ve read a few blogs in my time.  Some have made me laugh, some have made me cry, and some have made me go “hummmm”.  It’s my hope that this blog might be able to contribute to your life in some meaningful way; whether it’s a laugh, a smile, a few tears, or an insight.

I’m going to be honest, getting this up has taken some time.  Sure, I could chalk it up to my technical ignorance, but really it comes down to fear.  Pretty ironic isn’t it (because I help people live free from fear)?

Here’s what I think.  Living from love is not about not having any fear, it’s about acting in spite of fear. That’s what I’m trying to do here.  What about you, what are you afraid of?

Even though this is my blog, I really want it to be your blog.  Please write comments, post questions, and if you feel it’s worthy, please share it with your friends.

A wise person once told me, “Gemma we’re psychologists not because it’s what we do, but because it’s who we are”.  That’s what this blog is all about, it will blend my personal life and professional life in hopes that someone out there in internet-land might find it interesting or helpful.

Thanks so much for joining me, I’m stoked to be part of your journey.



P.S. One last little official thing.  Even though I’m a psychologist, my blog isn’t intended to take the place of therapeutic or medical treatment.