When we reach rock bottom, and for those in mid-fall, there is always a bottom, there is a quest waiting. It’s a quest to find the truth of your life.

It begins with asking, what do I want?

Rock bottom was the solid foundation from which I built my life. ~ J.K. Rowling

When diving into this question, it is imperative to bring with you honesty, integrity, and courage.

False answers will emerge and they will sound suspiciously like your parents, your boss, your teacher, your culture.

These insincere answers will lead you astray if you let them.

Go deeper. Seek the truth. 

What parts of the past need to be healed?
What needs to change so you can love the present?
What vision of the future lights up you up?

The quest continues as you adventure into giving yourself what you always wanted – a journey that was meant for you, one that only you can take.