In the stillest moments of my life, when I am alone, I often wonder something; it’s not how much money I’m making, or how many friends I have, I wonder about the difference that I’m making in the world.

Some of you know that I recently incorporated my new company, Gemma Stone International Inc. I’ve had a few people ask me why my website is a .org and not a .com.

One of my life visions is to be a philanthropist and I see my new company as step in that direction. While much of my work at Gemma Stone International will focus on freeing people from fear, anxiety, and depression I also plan to spend time, money, and energy giving back.

I wanted to share with you a photo from a little giving back project I was working on before the holidays. I wrote a blog post about a family that we were supporting and the response from you was incredible.  We had to make three trips to deliver the furniture, baby supplies, groceries, and gifts to this family.  Your generous donations truly changed the life of this family and I wanted to extended a big hug and a grateful ‘thank you’.

My dream for 2011 is to incorporate more philanthropic work into my life.

Do you have a dream for 2011? I know that you do.

Will you do me a favor?

Live your dream, as fully as possible starting today. Live it in all that you think, feel, say, and do and watch your dream come true.

All my love,